I remember these Sundays and the good meals shared with the family. In particular, from my grandfather, who was always dressing well for these events. These was the first idea behind Recall Clothing. The memory of quality moments.
Although beautiful clothes (and good food!) were an integral part of my childhood, it was only a few years later that I discovered what would become a passion, after trying a shirt made in the United States. The fabric with which this shirt was made is 100% cotton from Cone Mills. This factory is one of the pioneers in the production of denim (jeans) in the United States, in particular thanks to its collaboration with Levi’s in the 1900s and the iconic Levi’s 501.
Finally, from the memory of my grandfather to the discovery of manufacturers and designers with a history and offering the quintessence of textiles available on the market, it was enough for me to create a link:
“I always remember these Sundays, when my grand -father was paying attention to his appearance. Today, it makes perfect sense when I wear quality clothes made with a nod to the past: when they recall emotions, like the ones I felt when I saw my grandfather on Sundays ...”
With Recall Clothing, I have the profound desire to help men’s who would like to express the best of themselves and are attentive to the quality of their clothes and their origin.
Authenticity, is at the heart of what I do. That is why I focus on working with small and family-owned brands around the world, particularly in countries who work with rare and fine raw material such as USA, Japan, Italy, UK and Portugal. Thanks to the close relationships I have with the clothing brands I work with, we are able to source a fine selection of shirts, denim, jackets, knitwear, boots, sneakers and accessories. I love when the clothes I wear are made the old way, back when no compromise was done to achieve the best possible quality while still having a tailored and comfortable fit that is needed for our everyday lives.
In some ways, I believe I am a modern nostalgic. I look back in the past and try to bring back what we did best to empower our present.
Soon, I will open Recall physical boutique located in Geneva and the web-shop www.recallclothing.com !
Stay tuned for more information!
Luca Gobbo, Founder & Owner, Recall Clothing
Luca Gobbo