My Mission

My mission is to propose you wonderful clothing and accessories, manufactured with the utmost attention to details as well as with integrity and authenticity.

Recall Clothing helps Mens express the best of themselves by wearing clothes that have a meaning, a history ; made by craftsmen who strive to pay the utmost attention to details and quality.

I collaborate with family businesses that source hard wearing textiles and create products with a nod to the past when quality was the only mandatory criteria for the production of a garment. When, obviously, there was no cutting corner. These products are designed to never go out of style and to stay proudly in your wardrobe for many years to come. I pay particular attention to the service I provide, in order to make you part of the family, whether by coming into the store and trying the products or by shopping online and having a smooth and pleasant experience.

I hope that the products I offer will eventually become a legacy for future generations and that you will remember something by wearing them ... just like I remember my grandfather while getting dressed in the morning.

Come visit the Geneva boutique or take advantage of the online shopping experience. If you need help, you can contact me on this page.

Three Main Pillars

Recall Clothing is founded around important values that are the pillars of my relations with my customers and the designers I work with.

Passion & Emotion

Time & History 

Authenticity & Transparency

Passion & emotion:

I am passionate about the products I propose. I wear them every day. Emotions are an important factor in my decision to purchase a product before proposing it to my customers. If I don't feel it, I will not buy it !

When I see, touch and wear my clothes, I feel emotions that brings back to life past memories, empower my present self or help me to feel confident about a future task to accomplish. I want you to feel the same when wearing my garments.

Time & history:

As Recall Clothing was born thanks to a family souvenir, I take very seriously the history of the products, how they are made, where and by whom.

Sometimes, I describe myself as "modern-nostalgic": I like clothes that recall the past and made with a tailored and comfortable fit for our present lives. Finally, durability is a very important aspect of my products. Made with fine raw material such as cotton, wool, linen they will stand the test of time for you to keep wearing them for many years!

Authenticity & transparency:

I am transparent, true and authentic in my research for designers and in my customer relationship. I love sharing with my clients the origins and the details of the pieces they are trying in store. So that you, my customer, knows all the passion and determination to quality that is behind each and every product I select.