Location of the boutique

Recall Clothing is located in Geneva, Switzerland. More specifically, in the city center, at rue d'Aoste 3.

This place has a strong emotional connotation given that Aosta is a region of my country of origin, Italy, and that number 3 has been my favorite number from a very young age. The number 3 also symbolizes the past, present and future, time being a strong value of Recall, see About Luca & Recall.

Finally, rue d'Italie is also at the crossroads of rue d'Aoste. Being born from an Italian family, you can see that this location is made for me!


You can visit me with public transports by stopping at Rive station. The following tramways and buses stop there:

  • Tram 12 and 17
  • Buses 2,7,8,9, 10 and 25

The boutique is also really close from:

  • Bel-Air Tramway station (10 min walk)
  • Eaux-Vives main station (Leman Express, 15 min walk)
  • Geneva main station (Cornavin, 15 min walk)
  • The lake of Geneva and the Flower Clock (5 min walk)
  • The Old Town (5 min walk)

You can use the embedded Google Maps below to help you find your way to the boutique.