A dedication to quality

This page presents some essential knowledge about my products, including their origin and the textiles used. Obviously, it is much more pleasant to be able to discuss the story of a product face to face. However, from time to time, for lack of time or for simplicity, you will choose online shopping. Through this page, my objective is to transmit to you a part of the discussion that we could have together…

I choose my products only on the basis of certain criteria which seem important to me, such as:

  • Their origin;
  • Their fabric;
  • The cut;
  • The details that make the difference and bring the piece to the next level.

The origin of my products

At a time when the earth needs more attention than ever, I have nevertheless chosen to import my products, sometimes from far away. Why?

My first will is to offer you products that have a deep history. The products I offer come from pioneer textile countries, made by enthusiasts around the world. Most of the designers I work with are family businesses, so they pass on their manufacturing knowledge from generation to generation.

I could also summarize this choice by “Buy less, but better”. I deeply believe in the quality of the products I offer. They are made with great care and with the best textiles available in order to last over time.

Finally, thanks to this choice, I also help small companies that need exports to survive and thus perpetuate a know-how that often spans several decades.

You will find the list of all the designers here and, below, a summary of the importing countries.

Country of origin

- USA: world renowned for their denim (jeans), the United States has a deep history and an important weight on the different styles that have stood the test of time. For example, the gold rush era (1848 - 1855) and the World Wars had a considerable impact on the choice of materials and the manufacture of clothing at that time ... until today! The designers I selected in the United States make “workwear” and denim as it was made decades ago: with the best cotton and respect for traditions. At the time, the main necessity was a garment that lasts and that can withstand the difficulties of mining or war.

Discover the Made in USA designers:

- 3sixteen >

- Railcar Fine Goods >

- Rogue Territory >

- Upstate Stock >

Discover the Made in Canada designers:

- Viberg

- Europe: known for their sens of fashion, several countries in Europe develop beautiful pieces of clothing. For example, Italy is well known for their tailored suits, shirts, vests. Portugal is a country that emerged more recently and propose a wonderful quality of sewing for an attractive price. That is why several designers chooses Portugal in order to manufacture their clothes and accessories

Discover the Made in Europe designers:


- Brooklyn Soap Company >

- DoppiAA

- Calabrese 1924 >

- Indigofera >

- GRP >

- La Paz >

- Pantherella >

- Scartilab >

- Japan: crafts in Japan is something! The precision of the Japanese is unmatched to this day. They are incredible stitchers with an attention to details that is unbelievable. Japan is also really well known for its leather tanneries, such as Shinki Hikaku that produces the world finest vegetable tanned leather. For me, the best leather jacket and accessories are coming from Japan.

Discover the Made in Japan designers:

- H.W.DOG&Co. >

- Iron Heart >

- Loop & Weft >

- Moonstar / Shoes Like Pottery >


- Stevenson Overall >

- Warehouse & Co. >

The fabrics

One of the important part of the piece is its fabric. Below, you will find some explanations of the most used fabrics in the products I propose


Despite the fact cotton is well known around the world, only a few people actually knows the different types of cotton: corduroy, pima, egyptian, chambray...the list is long. Cotton can be woven in many different way to produce different results in the fabric.

Cotton has many advantages for clothing: ease of wash, durability, comfort... It is as well a relatively easy fiber to work with during the production.

Corduroy Cotton

Corduroy Cotton

Chambray Cotton

Chambray cotton



Linen is a fabric that is valued for its coolness in hot weather and is known to dry faster than cotton. That is why I love to have linen clothes in the summer. It dries faster when you sweat in a hot day. Usually, it is also lighter than cotton, although you can find as well lightweight cotton fibers as well as mid-weight linen.

On the other hand, linen is also more complex to manufacture than cotton and requires more experience.

A linen fabric



Wool is a fabric that comes from several animals, for example sheeps. Like cotton, wool exists in different quality and origins. We source clothes made of the best possible wool yarns that are ethically made. Merino wool is well known to be one of the best, being really nice to the touch, naturally odor resistant and breathable.

Unlike synthetic materials, wool reacts to your body temperature naturally and is therefore called an "active fabric". Try on a wool sweater for example, you will see that it will helps you cool down if you feel hot, and will warm you up when you freeze!

Merino wool

Merino Wool

Tweed Wool

Tweed Wool