Age of Longing 407EXX Type 1 Denim Jacket (JP94407ED)

CHF 400

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The Story

JELADO's denim brand is called Last Resort denim. It is essentially separated in the Age of Longing White Tag (Levis from 50s-60s) and Age of Longing Black Tag (Levis from 40s) denim fabrics.

For the Black Tag (which is the denim fabric used for this jacket), they use the same raw cotton as the White Tag Last Resort fabric (California Pima Cotton). They have woven them in a way to produce a more uneven and neppy fabric ; really close from the vintage Levi's. This unevenness adds some character to the fabric.

Looking at vintage examples of this original fabric they discovered that the colour was quite often uneven and dull. The colour of the cotton at that time was less white and more of a yellow colour which they have tried to replicate with this Black Label denim. The fabric is a totally different colour to the white label and they used a different factory to rope dye this denim. During the dyeing process there are a number of refining processes that remove fats and impurities, which improves the quality of the fibre and expresses the natural colour of the cotton.

Due to all the differences in this process, this fabric becomes slightly heavier than the White Tag (15oz vs 14oz). The yarn is rope dyed 8 times and has a deep blue hue. Although these feel heavier than the white label Last Resort Denim they soften and stretch all the same. 


  • 100% Cotton
  • 99.9% Period correct reproduction from 40s Levi's 501xx fabric. JELADO's team are absolutely crazy in this replication process.
  • "Type 1 Jacket" Reproduction
  • Flap front pocket
  • Single sided brand red tab
  • Five button closure
  • Button closure on the inside of the sleeve
  • Cinch back
  • Made in Japan

Sizing recommendations 

Luca is 1m80, 78kg, wears size L, his usual Japanese size.

If you have questions about sizing, e-mail

Washing Recommendations

Wash cold (30°) and hang dry.

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