Double Layer Knit Mask in Black/Orange

CHF 20 CHF 27

 The Story

The famous mask that I'm wearing everyday in the boutique. Many of you asked if I could have some in the boutique, here they are! I managed to snag some of the remaining stock from Cristiano, for your convenience.

They are certified by a mask testing laboratory in the Marche region of Italy for their biocompatibility (against the skin), breathability (airflow regulation) and bio burden (survivability of microbes on the fabric). However, like all knitted personal protection equipment (PPE), this is stated that it is not a medical device.


  • Inside: 100% water-repellent organic cotton, ZDHC Level 1 / GOTS certification
  • Outside: 100% polyamide comfort, OEKO-TEX certification
  • Made in Italy
  • Warning: This is not a medical device or an individual protection device. The mask has the sole purpose of limiting the possibility of contamination of the surrounding environment.
  • Warning: This product is not returnable, for any reason.

Sizing recommendations

One size only. The fabric will stretch to accommodate your face shape.

Washing recommendations

Washable for a maximum of 10 cycles at 40° to maintain water repellency
Maximum iron at 150°. Bleaching preferably with oxygen

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