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Eco-Cotton Beanie in Cherry Red

CHF 35 CHF 45

The Story

Eco-cotton beanie to keep your head stylish, while not overheating !

Eco-cotton is a blend of reclaimed cotton fibers from discarded garment scraps combined with a small amount of nylon made from the RPET process of recycling PET bottles into fiber. In addition, zero dyes or chemicals are used in the process of creating such vibrant colors from what would otherwise be textile waste.


  • Last Call : No Return or Exchange
  • 100% Eco-Cotton
  • Knit in New Jersey
  • Sewn & finished in Brooklyn, NY, USA

Sizing recommendations

Length: 11-12" Inches (without fold)

Washing Recommendations

Spot clean only. Lay flat to dry. DO NOT MACHINE WASH/DRY

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