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A-2 Summer Flying Jacket Contract N°W535AC-23380 in Dark Seal Shinki Hikaku Horsehide

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 The Story

The A-2 Summer Flying Jacket, adopted as standard clothing by the United States Army Air Corps on May 9, 1931 and worn throughout World War II was treated as a status symbol, not just as a uniform. 

The A-2 jacket uses horse leather, a light brown lining, a leather collar, brown sleeves and hem knit, and a very simple design with a zipper front opening and is manufactured by many contractors (suppliers). The basic specifications were simple as described above, but the design differed depending on the contractor (supplier) and delivery time at that time.

Among the many contractors, the ROUGH WEAR CLOTHING, which was selected as a contractor five times from standard adoption to the end of World War Ⅱ, is known to feature a large and high collar, which makes it look like a military uniform. 

Since Rainbow Country founding, they have been fascinated by this ROUGH WEAR CLOTHING TYPE A-2 and have been reproducing it from the start of their production to today, while gradually changing the pattern and sewing specifications. It is now as close as possible to the design of the actual ROUGH WEAR CLOTHING A-2 jacket.


  • 100% Vegetable Tanned Horsehide (1.3 mm)
  • Tanned by the famous Japanese Shinki Hikaku Tannery
  • Orange Core Leather
  • Aniline Finish
  • Rust Cotton Lining 
  • Wool Ribbed Cuffs and Waistband
  • Bespoke DOT Button (engraved "UNITED CARR" in reverse) done to the exact vintage specifications
  • Bespoke Neck Hock same as vintage A-2 jacket
  • Bespoke olive color cotton sewing thread with the exact same specifications as the vintage model
  • Rough Wear Clothing Co. Contract N°W535AC-23380
  • Sewn by one single Master Sewer, from start to finish
  • Master Made in Japan

Additional informations

  • The Zipper is a vintage reproduction of 1930s zippers, and it may take a while until the leather soften up around it and the zipper to slide buttery smooth. Pay attention, when you unzip, to bring the slider all the way to the bottom
  • Inconsistencies and leather marks are absolutely normal and are part of the wild life of the animal, as this leather has undergone minimum treatment.
  • Free Shipping on this item, but it's not returnable/exchangeable as leather goods are delicate to transport. Pay attention to measurements and ask for advise at contact@recallclothing.com if you have any doubt.

Sizing recommendations 

Luca is 1m80, 78kg, wears size 40 (Medium).

Luca sized down from his usual Japanese size (Large). I felt that the size 40 was a bit more fitted while still being comfortable to wear and long enough in the sleeves. The 42 still fit me pretty good, simply a bit roomier, especially in the shoulders and sleeves. Because this jacket is lighter than the HERCULES (different lining, etc.), I felt that sizing down was the best way to achieve a versatile and fitted look.

If you have questions about sizing, e-mail contact@recallclothing.com.

Washing Recommendations

Don't wash it. It's leather.

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